Side Projects: Poetry and Photography Challenges

I have been working on writing a novel, and, as is usually the case with large projects, I am finding my confidence and motivation flagging. (That happens to other people, too, right, not just me? Right?) So I sat down to brainstorm some side projects that I could do to help me continue feeling inspired […]

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How to Never Get Caught With Your Blog Posts Down

I have this terrible habit of not writing blog posts until the last minute, then sitting at the computer and staring at a blank draft until I break down and Hulk smash the keyboard on the floor, drowning it in my bitter tears of recrimination. Maybe it’s not quite that dramatic. But it does add […]

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Have We Done 642 Things Yet?

Oh, nowhere close to 642 things? Yay, that means there are so many left to do! By now you know the spiel, yah? There’s a book with 642 things to write about in it and every couple of weeks or so, I randomly select one, write for 15 minutes, and post the (largely) unedited result […]

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A Writerly Gift Guide


As some of you might know, it is my birthday tomorrow! In honor of this momentous (to me, anyway) occasion, I thought I would put together a little gift guide for writerly types. There are some really cool things out there for the Hemingway-wannabe or bibliophile in your life, so without further ado, I present […]

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642 Things the IV

It has been awhile since we had a 642 things prompt! Did anyone miss them? Does anyone care? Just me? Well, okay, then. I’ll do this just for me and the one person in the back who’s too shy to pipe up. 😉 Last time (more than a month ago!), the prompt was to describe […]

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How to Create Quality Characters


I don’t know about you guys, but I have a hard time creating well-rounded, interesting characters (like the incredible TV ones I have featured here). As a fiction writer, this is … well, a bit of a problem. It is one of the aspects of my craft that I continually struggle with and constantly try […]

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642 Things Numero Deux


Hello and welcome to the second instalment of 642 Things to Write About! (Find the first go around here) For those of you who missed our maiden voyage, I received a great book for Christmas from my friend Bri entitled – you guessed it – 642 Things to Write About. I decided to use it […]

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642 Things: The Inaugural Prompt

For Christmas, my good friend Bri bought me a great book called 642 Things to Write About. It is exactly what it sounds like: 642 random things to write about. I love this type of thing. There are few things that get the creative juices flowing better than a prompt that has nothing to do with anything […]

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Camera Lucida – A Short Story, and an example of finding alternative creative outlets


I’m a photographer. Jessica is a writer. These are what we identify as. However, in limiting the scope of your artistry to the confines of a specific medium it can the focus to drift away from the actual content and more on the process (pigeonholing our whole imagination). Sometimes you have an idea, an inspiration, […]

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This Mortal Coil | Creative Challenge

A quickie this week. We’re going to toss a theme out there, and you get to run with it. This is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. That I struggle with constantly. I know I’m not the only one. Maybe you can take some of your own existential angst and turn it […]

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