Facing Off With Fear

Want to know a secret? I am dipping my toes into a venture that has been on my radar for quite some time. Something that I have that about attempting before but never really took the plunge. And I am terrified. Motherf*cking quaking in my boots. I don’t know what I’m doing. I am doing […]

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Create your next idea using SIMPLICITY


Problem 1: We tend to be obssessed with complexity, thinking that it is impressive and involved, therefore an improvement or form of progress. This is not necessarily true. I think when trying to establish an idea, people envision a great big room, and if you have more space in that room you can go create the […]

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Professional Photographer: Business or love? Or Both.


I consider myself a professional photographer. Having received a formal photo education, but seeing many other students turn away from being a professional has made me think long and hard trying to figure out what might be a decisive difference between the”professional” and “amateur/hobbyist” categories of photographers. Is it just the individual’s perception? Is it […]

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Figuring Sh*t Out: Career Path Edition


I’ve been feeling lost for a long time. While I was still a student, I could ignore it. A lot of my identity was tied up in being in university, in learning and classes and campus. But once I graduated, that safety net was gone and it became abundantly clear that I had no idea […]

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Beating the Socially Awkward Blues – 3 Tips


Being successful as a self-employed/freelance business person has as much to do with selling yourself as it does selling your product. That doesn’t mean you have to be some sleazy used car-salesman charisma machine – on the contrary, people will see through that in a minute. However, you do have to have at least a […]

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Bucking Tradition and Creating Your Own Mold


We live our lives according to a lot of customs and mores, expectations that have been ingrained in us since we were young kids: everything from gender roles to manners and  the rules of the road. Obviously, many of these rules are in place to keep our society safe and orderly, but some of them […]

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