Schedule Your Day-To-Day With a Freelancer Timetable


The Freedom of Freelancing (and why it kind of sucks) Being a freelancer requires you to be very self-motivated. You may currently be transitioning from a full-time office job or being a student (like I am) and are now a little overwhelmed by the freedom of the freelance lifestyle. No longer are you being handed […]

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How Can You Create Wonder?


This is the Future… where is my jetpack? Today, I bring you a message. Food for thought. What can we do to make people feel wonder and awe? Jessica and I were having a great conversation with her father the other day. We were marvelling at his new induction stovetop which heated a pot of water to […]

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Urban Detox: Nature Edition

It has officially been determined that city life no longer agrees with me. I used to love the city, and who knows, maybe I will again in the future. By right now, I can’t stand the noise, the pollution, the construction. I find myself winding tighter and tighter with each passing moment spent in this […]

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How to Watch American Hulu, Netflix etc. IN CANADA! (Tunnelbear)


EDIT: Netflix reserves the right to update their terms of service anytime and they now reflect their disapproval of accessing content not meant for Canadian eyes. The use of a VPN like TunnelBear is at this time not illegal, but we are currently not able to say that using a VPN to access american Netflix […]

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