Creative Challenge #4 Response

Happy Tuesday everyone! Welcome back to everyone in Canada who had a long weekend. We had a great one, spending the holiday back home with my family. So our challenge for last week was to use a song as inspiration. Bryan hasn’t quite got his image done yet…we had a busy week/weekend, with him working […]

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Creative Challenge #3 Response

Happy Monday, everyone! How was the weekend? Ours was busy (grad party, moving, etc) but very good. So here we are, with our responses for last week’s creative challenge all ready to go. If anyone needs a refresher, the challenge was to draw inspiration from an object within 10 feet of you at the time […]

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Creative Challenge #2 Response

"You're my kite string" drawn on an iPad by Jessica in Paper (by FiftyThree)

Creative Challenge Responses! Last week we set forth to expand our perspectives a bit by trying out a different form of art than what we typically do. Jessica was more brave than I and completely branched out from her literal roots into the visual. Jessica recently received an iPad for her grad and has been […]

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