A Writerly Gift Guide


As some of you might know, it is my birthday tomorrow! In honor of this momentous (to me, anyway) occasion, I thought I would put together a little gift guide for writerly types. There are some really cool things out there for the Hemingway-wannabe or bibliophile in your life, so without further ado, I present […]

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The Month of YA Books

A tempestuous April has finally given way to what has so far been a much more agreeable May, and that means it’s time for another book review post! These are my favorite posts to write! You can find the January/February and March posts here and here. I also decided to do something a little different […]

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March Madness: Books

Phewf. March was quite the month. The biggest thing of all, of course, being that I came home. But I also read a lot of books! 18 to be exact. There were some really good ones, and some really bad ones. Some stats: 18 books 3 young adult books 1 middle grade book 7 non-fiction books 1 play […]

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The Changing of the (Book) Guard

Sort of. My book prospects are changing. It is officially fall, and that means a new reading list! I have to be honest, I completely bombed the last one. I read about 10 out of the 42 I had listed. But that’s the fun of a reading list: it’s really more of a guideline. I […]

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