Home decorating

Our New Apartment: Progress and Plans

Well. It has been almost three weeks since we moved to Calgary. THREE WEEKS. Where has the time gone?! Wherever it is,  I’d like some of it back, please. Anyway, we thought now would be a good time to introduce you guys to our new apartment, show you the progress (ahah, what progress?!) and share our plans […]

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DIY Whiteboard Photo Frame


Having a large open space to write out your thoughts, tasks, reminder, inspirational quotes, and more can very helpful. Having those notes in a place where you can see it often.. more helpful. I like whiteboards, chalkboards, corkboards… pretty much any kind of board. They each have their downsides though. Chalkboards can be dusty. Corkboards […]

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Dining Room Delights

Holy crap, guys, it is almost my birthday! It really snuck up on me this year, which is strange. Usually, I am like, “Bryan, did you know there are 76.5 days until my birthday?!” Feel free to leave me lots of nice birthday comments on Friday, and I don’t mind gifts. 😉 Speaking of, there […]

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Planning Home Improvement Using a Floor Plan + an App review of MagicPlan


This isn’t so much a thorough app review of MagicPlan as it is a brief experience recap in context with my thoughts on planning home improvement projects. Jessica and I have moved into an apartment together, and as such, things are currently a disaster. Now that all of our stuff is in the same space, […]

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