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An Ode to Autumn: 10 Reasons Fall is the Best Season

Oh, autumn. You sexy, sexy beast. I do love you so. Let me count the ways. 1. All the colors. Oh my God, all the sumptuous, bright, warm, eye-popping colors. Color me gaga. 2. Scarves. I have about ten, and my collection is definitely not big enough yet. I love wearing a different scarf every […]

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A Writerly Gift Guide


As some of you might know, it is my birthday tomorrow! In honor of this momentous (to me, anyway) occasion, I thought I would put together a little gift guide for writerly types. There are some really cool things out there for the Hemingway-wannabe or bibliophile in your life, so without further ado, I present […]

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Animal Behavior | Our Favourite Things: Bryan Edition


7. Animal Behavior I love animals. I am one after all! I took a few classes in university on them, including one on primate behaviour. Here are a couple of my favourite various primate factoids to start this article off. -Capuchin Monkeys will stack up on each others backs in order to make a “totem […]

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Literature | Our Favorite Things: The Jessica Edition


literature Surprise, surprise, one of the writer’s favorite things is literature. No, this shouldn’t be surprising. Literature in all its forms is one of my greatest joys in life. Consuming, analyzing, creating it. All forms of it, all genres. I recently had a conversation with a family member who expressed the opinion that universities should […]

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Old Cameras | Our Favourite Things: Bryan Edition


back to favourite things 6. Old Cameras *If there was a guided tour of our blog* “If you take a look to your left, on the side of the screen you’ll see a sketch of a Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflux Camera! This camera was unique in that it had two lenses, one for focusing and […]

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Crème Brûlée and TOMS | Our Favorite Things: The Jessica Edition

back to favourite things Crème brûlée This is my absolute favorite dessert. It is difficult to do right, but when it is, it’s an absolute dream. That’s why you can bet that if there is crème brûlée on the menu, I will be ordering it. One of my favorite things to do is order this dessert […]

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Photoshop | Our Favourite Things: The Bryan Edition

A photograph made by Bryan to express society's obsession with status instead of caring about the actual work itself.

back to favourite things 5. Photoshop  There’s no doubt that one of my favourite things is photography. Pursuing it as a career has been driven not by financial greed, but an inner desire to spend my life enjoying what I do for work. For these “favourite things” I wanted to touch on something specific, rather than […]

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Insanity and Running | Our Favorite Things: The Jessica Edition

back to favourite things I would like to stop for a moment and marvel at the wonderful synchronicity of a psychology major loving something called Insanity. Random fact…did you know that “insanity” was not ever a medical term, but a legal one? Anyway. This post is, in fact, dedicated to my favorite ways of staying fit. […]

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Creativity + Productivity Tools and Interior Design | Our Favourite Things: Bryan Edition

back to favourite things My last post on my favourites: Zombies and Mythology was indeed related to the blog. Both Jessica and I will be discussing movies, television and related media and I see myself as an expert in things Horror, Supernatural, and Mythological. Creative Dwelling is a place for us to discuss with you our […]

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Travel | Our Favorite Things: The Jessica Edition

back to favourite things travel This is a bit misleading, because I haven’t really travelled very much at all. I’ve only left Canada twice: once to Mexico when I was 8 and once to Las Vegas when I turned 21. One of my deepest desires, however, is to see the world and I spend a lot […]

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