The Dresser Diaries: Options

As mentioned in our progress and plans post, we were on the lookout for a dresser. Spoiler alert: We have one! Over Thanksgiving, I mentioned our missing furniture to my mom, who promptly led me into the basement and showed me two dressers she had hidden behind boxes and other paraphernalia. Only one of them […]

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The DIY Double Desk


Here’s how we made this beautiful desk for $170 CAD. click for enlarged view  Before our big move from Edmonton to Calgary we decided to sell a bunch of our furniture. As appealing as moving a desk, dinning table, sofa, etc. sounded*, we opted for a fresh start. *Sarcasm. Lots and lots of sarcasm. We […]

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DIY Whiteboard Photo Frame


Having a large open space to write out your thoughts, tasks, reminder, inspirational quotes, and more can very helpful. Having those notes in a place where you can see it often.. more helpful. I like whiteboards, chalkboards, corkboards… pretty much any kind of board. They each have their downsides though. Chalkboards can be dusty. Corkboards […]

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Project Inspiration

We have slowly been working on getting the apartment spruced up: a little more stylish and a little more “us.” Sometimes it’s quite difficult on a student budget, but we do what we can, and half the fun is coming up with creative, cheap solutions and projects. A few months ago we turned a door […]

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