Have We Done 642 Things Yet?

Oh, nowhere close to 642 things? Yay, that means there are so many left to do! By now you know the spiel, yah? There’s a book with 642 things to write about in it and every couple of weeks or so, I randomly select one, write for 15 minutes, and post the (largely) unedited result […]

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642 Things Numero Deux


Hello and welcome to the second instalment of 642 Things to Write About! (Find the first go around here) For those of you who missed our maiden voyage, I received a great book for Christmas from my friend Bri entitled – you guessed it – 642 Things to Write About. I decided to use it […]

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The Brave Little Toaster | Creative Challenge

For this week’s creative challenge, personify inanimate objects. Write a story with a refrigerator as the protagonist. Do a series of photos of object characters. Have fun with it! As a bonus…what is your favorite movie/story/show featuring otherwise inanimate objects as characters? I have always loved Beauty and the Beast, as well as The Brave […]

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3 Tools That Have Made Me a Better Writer

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and I have always thought that it was fun. It is a joy to get lost in a make believe world that exists only in your head, and to make it come alive on the page for someone else. The act of writing itself, […]

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Creative Challenge #4 Response

Happy Tuesday everyone! Welcome back to everyone in Canada who had a long weekend. We had a great one, spending the holiday back home with my family. So our challenge for last week was to use a song as inspiration. Bryan hasn’t quite got his image done yet…we had a busy week/weekend, with him working […]

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