November: A Very Challenging Month

Well, that went by quickly. I’m pretty sure I blinked and the entire month of November managed to sneak its whole big bad self right by me. How? I took part in three separate and completely unrelated challenges last month: NaNoWriMo, a plank-a-day, and No Sweets November (a joint effort between Sarah and I). I […]

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Four Simple Goals – Update

Remember this? Yah, I barely do either. A little over a month ago, I decided to take part in Elsie’s Four Simple Goals challenge. Part of the challenge was to blog about your progress, and I’m here to tell you that my progress has been all over the place. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? […]

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Side Projects: Poetry and Photography Challenges

I have been working on writing a novel, and, as is usually the case with large projects, I am finding my confidence and motivation flagging. (That happens to other people, too, right, not just me? Right?) So I sat down to brainstorm some side projects that I could do to help me continue feeling inspired […]

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Sex, Politics, Religion | Creative Challenge


For our ninth creative challenge, I want you to pick a topic that really gets you riled up. One of those topics that are supposed to be off-limits in the public sphere because people get so heated about them, fights inevitably break out. Usually fist fights. Sex, politics, religion, whatever it is that gets you […]

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