Slight of Hand | Creative Challenge


In the digital age of sharing and sharing and sharing of content, ideas, art, etc. it’s hard to produce something unique that stands out from the noise. This week the challenge is more or less to combat something we challenge every day as creators. We try to create something that brings the viewer in, if […]

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Keeping the Autumn Blues At Bay: Travel Plans!

Ah, September. Golden leaves rustling in the breeze, which carries the faintest crisp hint of winter[...]

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Color Me Inspired | Creative Challenge

This week’s creative challenge is very straightforward. Pick a color. Any color. One you love.[...]

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3 Tools That Have Made Me a Better Writer

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and I have always thought that it was fun. It is [...]

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Sex, Politics, Religion | Creative Challenge

CreativeChallengesBLANKFor our ninth creative challenge, I want you to pick a topic that really gets you riled up. One of t[...]

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