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Ring List Item #6 – Go on a Solo Trip

Let’s face facts here: chances are good that Bryan and I will get married. Which is scary and cool and exciting. But I have always been very aware of being my own person within our relationship, and continually pursuing my own needs and interests, as well as his and ours. To that end, a couple […]

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Being Touristy in Edmonton

Edmonton in Golden Hour - © Bryan Cooper 2012

A couple years ago, Christine wrote a guest post for The Brooklyn Nomad about the benefits of acting like a tourist in your hometown. I think that most people don’t take the time to really see and explore where they live, because they are too busy thinking of all the places they would rather be. I know […]

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My Travel Priorities

Not too long ago, Adventurous Kate did a blog post about why she doesn’t like bucket lists. Her basic argument is that bucket lists allow you to gather a list of things you’d like to do eventually. It doesn’t inherently encourage you to do them now. Her idea was to come up with travel priorities […]

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