The Great Tattoo Debate

Once the sole purview of unsavories like ex-cons and radical counterculturists, tattoos have quickly taken over the mainstream. As early as 2006, it was estimated that 1 in 4 Americans between 18 and 50 were tattooed. This 2009 article claims that 1 in 5 Americans are tattooed. Whatever the real numbers are, the fact of […]

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We’re Loving…

Jessica The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. My mom got this book for her birthday and raced her way through it so she could get it to me over the Thanksgiving long weekend. I started it a day or two ago – with a bit of trepidation. JKR is one of my favorite writers. I […]

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Why I’m a Feminist (And You Should Be, Too)

For a long time, I resisted calling myself a feminist. I don’t entirely know why, all I know is that I was one of those “I’m not a feminist, but…” people. And everything that came after that statement was, without fail, decidedly feminist. Perhaps I didn’t want to be associated with feminism because, unfortunately, there […]

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The 5 Things I’m Going to Miss (Most) About University

On June 13, 2012, I officially graduated university with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. It took me five years, three university changes, three changes of major, and two faculty changes. So. A bit of effort. But I made it, and I’m so proud of myself. My dad asked me back in July if it […]

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Body Talk

“Oh my God, you look so skinny. Is there any better compliment than that?” I stare at my companion, the words “I can think of several” perched on my lips. But I don’t say them. There are better compliments, yes, but saying it implies that I don’t crave that one, that elusive “you look SO good” […]

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True Confessions, Or My Battle with Depression

Things are about to get serious up in this blog. This post was hard for me. It was scary to write. I didn’t know if I should. I didn’t know if it had a place here on the blog. But I think that it is an important issue to address, for many reasons, not least […]

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You Men and Your Sales – Realizing I Knew What I Wanted All Along

This is post was brought on mostly from watching Mad Men and it triggering a connection in my life that I never realized was so direct. Back before I was going to school for photography, back before I was in the sciences, I had the notion in my head that I would fit well in […]

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Style or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Shoot

Sometimes I feel like this 'style' thing is just a lie. I'm Jennifer Aniston in Office Space and someone is telling me I need to express my flair with button... or maybe photoshop actions in this case. That is not 'a style'

As creative people, artists, etc. we have a natural urge, a tendency, to stand out from the crowd. On top of that, in terms of surviving as business people we also must stand out from the competition. LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman said we have to “find a way to add value in a way no […]

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Bucking Tradition and Creating Your Own Mold


We live our lives according to a lot of customs and mores, expectations that have been ingrained in us since we were young kids: everything from gender roles to manners and  the rules of the road. Obviously, many of these rules are in place to keep our society safe and orderly, but some of them […]

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Animal Behavior | Our Favourite Things: Bryan Edition


7. Animal Behavior I love animals. I am one after all! I took a few classes in university on them, including one on primate behaviour. Here are a couple of my favourite various primate factoids to start this article off. -Capuchin Monkeys will stack up on each others backs in order to make a “totem […]

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