The Jellybeans You Have Left

Hello, lovely readers. It has been awhile. In my last post, I said that I was going to take a break from blogging until I remembered why I had started doing it in the first place (hint: it wasn’t for the pageviews). A few weeks went by, and I realized that I really miss blogging. […]

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Why I’m Taking a Blogging Hiatus

This past weekend, I did two days of technological silence: no phone, no computer, limited television. It was joyous. Incredible, really. So refreshing to actually be with the people I was with, and enjoy my surroundings and conversations, rather than constantly reaching for my phone. It was interesting to see the restlessness that I developed, […]

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How Can You Create Wonder?


This is the Future… where is my jetpack? Today, I bring you a message. Food for thought. What can we do to make people feel wonder and awe? Jessica and I were having a great conversation with her father the other day. We were marvelling at his new induction stovetop which heated a pot of water to […]

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How to Never Get Caught With Your Blog Posts Down

I have this terrible habit of not writing blog posts until the last minute, then sitting at the computer and staring at a blank draft until I break down and Hulk smash the keyboard on the floor, drowning it in my bitter tears of recrimination. Maybe it’s not quite that dramatic. But it does add […]

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On Fear

I am so afraid, all the time. I think that I have a bit of a generalized anxiety disorder (unsurprising, as anxiety and depression often go hand in hand). There are many times when I am paralyzed with absurd fears. For instance, a few weeks ago I wanted to have a nap, but as I was […]

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It Ain’t Difficult Being Green


The other day, laughing, I told Bryan, “I’m turning more and more into a hippie every day!” At the time, I was referring to my imminent attempt at transitioning into running in Vibram FiveFingers (my new favorite thing in the world!), but my most hippie-esque trait is my newfound appreciation and concern for the environment. […]

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Start Your Own Meditation Practice

I am writing this post as much for me as for you guys. I had been meditating daily for almost four months and then WHAM! life got crazy and now it’s been almost a month since I last spent any time on my meditation cushion (a glorified pillow). My hope is that this post will […]

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Urban Detox: Nature Edition

It has officially been determined that city life no longer agrees with me. I used to love the city, and who knows, maybe I will again in the future. By right now, I can’t stand the noise, the pollution, the construction. I find myself winding tighter and tighter with each passing moment spent in this […]

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Professional Photographer: Business or love? Or Both.


I consider myself a professional photographer. Having received a formal photo education, but seeing many other students turn away from being a professional has made me think long and hard trying to figure out what might be a decisive difference between the”professional” and “amateur/hobbyist” categories of photographers. Is it just the individual’s perception? Is it […]

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101 in 1001 – 7 Day Vegan Challenge

Click to Expand. Infographic by Bryan and I have been vegetarians for a year now, for a whole host of reasons, including environmental, health, and animal safety concerns, and more besides. A great resource on the topic is Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron Foer. I thought that giving up meat was going to be really difficult, but […]

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