Quitting My Job Without Another One Lined Up Was the Best Risk I Ever Took

It was a risk. A huge risk. I knew that I should be grateful just to have a job, to be able to pay my bills, and keep food on the table. But there was something missing. No, it wasn’t just that. My current situation was actively making me miserable. I got a tight, anxious […]

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An Announcement That Makes Me Want to Dance a Jig

Do you need some help polishing your manuscript to a high sheen? Need someone to make sure your article is in ship shape? Want someone to write an article, a newsletter, or a brochure? Then I’m your woman. I am officially launching my freelance editing and writing business. You can find me over at my website, […]

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Schedule Your Day-To-Day With a Freelancer Timetable


The Freedom of Freelancing (and why it kind of sucks) Being a freelancer requires you to be very self-motivated. You may currently be transitioning from a full-time office job or being a student (like I am) and are now a little overwhelmed by the freedom of the freelance lifestyle. No longer are you being handed […]

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(Healthy) Snacks Boost Your Productivity

A lot of time productivity has less to do with setting up systems and routines, using technology or a certain kind of inbox, etc – and a lot more to do with willpower. Now that’s not to say, “oh clearly you’re just being lazy.” That’s not what prevents people from doing things, usually. There’s something about willpower […]

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School’s Out For ..Ever – Should you go to Photo School?

all the peeps from photo school

My time as a student has finally come to a close. A core part of my identity, gone at the end of a meandering week consisting of a couple lingering assignments. And it was this anticlimactic thing.There was no specific moment where I said, “Yes, I’m done.” This is the way the world ends. Not […]

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Organizing your Lightroom Catalogs for External Harddrives


Going to photo school involves a lot of post-processing work. The biggest issue of all is jumping from my computer at home to the computer at school and trying pick up from where I left off and staying organized. Lightroom makes things really easy if you know just a few little things about how the […]

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An Open Letter to Burgeoning Photographers

'Newly Paved" © Bryan Cooper 2012

Working title: Can you improve as an artist without judging others I’ve been reading a lot of Zack Arias’ Q&A tumblr blog. As a professional he has provided a much needed voice for those just beginning in their career – by being extremely blunt. You know who is one of those people just starting out? […]

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Shattering Writer’s Block

Every creative person, at some point or another, has experienced a creative block. That horrible sensation of avoiding the thing you love, of fearing the blank page (or canvas or whatever medium you use), of being absolutely sure that you will never produce anything of value ever again. It’s terrifying! I find that the key […]

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You Men and Your Sales – Realizing I Knew What I Wanted All Along

This is post was brought on mostly from watching Mad Men and it triggering a connection in my life that I never realized was so direct. Back before I was going to school for photography, back before I was in the sciences, I had the notion in my head that I would fit well in […]

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Bucking Tradition and Creating Your Own Mold


We live our lives according to a lot of customs and mores, expectations that have been ingrained in us since we were young kids: everything from gender roles to manners and  the rules of the road. Obviously, many of these rules are in place to keep our society safe and orderly, but some of them […]

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