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True Confessions, Or My Battle with Depression

Things are about to get serious up in this blog. This post was hard for me. It was scary to write. I didn’t know if I should. I didn’t know if it had a place here on the blog. But I think that it is an important issue to address, for many reasons, not least […]

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No post today.. Happy Canada Day Weekend!

Due to a very busy week and a full and happy Canada Day long weekend our regularly scheduled post will be postponed until Tuesday. Thanks for your patience. Stay tuned for the creative challenge posts when we return! Woo hoo!

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Being Touristy in Edmonton

Edmonton in Golden Hour - © Bryan Cooper 2012

A couple years ago, Christine wrote a guest post for The Brooklyn Nomad about the benefits of acting like a tourist in your hometown. I think that most people don’t take the time to really see and explore where they live, because they are too busy thinking of all the places they would rather be. I know […]

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Project Inspiration

We have slowly been working on getting the apartment spruced up: a little more stylish and a little more “us.” Sometimes it’s quite difficult on a student budget, but we do what we can, and half the fun is coming up with creative, cheap solutions and projects. A few months ago we turned a door […]

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Slave to the Process

I thought my graduation post would be ready for today, but that was an absurd pipe dream, so it will be up sometime next week. My birthday was yesterday, and we went out with a few of my closest friends for food and drinks at Brewster’s. It was a great time, and also accounts for […]

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Happy Graduation Day to Me!

We apologize for the brief interruption to our blog services, but today is the day that I convocate! So we’re off doing convocation-y sort of things, like picking up my cap and gown, and taking pictures all over campus. We’ll be back to share details tomorrow! Thanks for your patience.

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Bucking Tradition and Creating Your Own Mold


We live our lives according to a lot of customs and mores, expectations that have been ingrained in us since we were young kids: everything from gender roles to manners and  the rules of the road. Obviously, many of these rules are in place to keep our society safe and orderly, but some of them […]

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Animal Behavior | Our Favourite Things: Bryan Edition


7. Animal Behavior I love animals. I am one after all! I took a few classes in university on them, including one on primate behaviour. Here are a couple of my favourite various primate factoids to start this article off. -Capuchin Monkeys will stack up on each others backs in order to make a “totem […]

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Literature | Our Favorite Things: The Jessica Edition


literature Surprise, surprise, one of the writer’s favorite things is literature. No, this shouldn’t be surprising. Literature in all its forms is one of my greatest joys in life. Consuming, analyzing, creating it. All forms of it, all genres. I recently had a conversation with a family member who expressed the opinion that universities should […]

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Old Cameras | Our Favourite Things: Bryan Edition


back to favourite things 6. Old Cameras *If there was a guided tour of our blog* “If you take a look to your left, on the side of the screen you’ll see a sketch of a Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflux Camera! This camera was unique in that it had two lenses, one for focusing and […]

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