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It Ain’t Difficult Being Green


The other day, laughing, I told Bryan, “I’m turning more and more into a hippie every day!” At the time, I was referring to my imminent attempt at transitioning into running in Vibram FiveFingers (my new favorite thing in the world!), but my most hippie-esque trait is my newfound appreciation and concern for the environment. […]

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Get A Library Card: Four Things That Will Convince You

This post is directed at creatives, of course, but anyone can take advantage of the great things that come out of a library card. 1. It Will Expand Your Horizons Sure, the bookstore is a fantastic atmosphere for browsing new books. I’ll give them the advantage, that the people that run bookstores know how to […]

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A Birthday Memorial

I was going to have a post today about what I learned the year I was 23. But other stuff came up that just seemed more important. I share a birthday with a few awesome people. I love my birthday. A LOT. And I got a little thrill out of sharing my favorite day of […]

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A Writerly Gift Guide


As some of you might know, it is my birthday tomorrow! In honor of this momentous (to me, anyway) occasion, I thought I would put together a little gift guide for writerly types. There are some really cool things out there for the Hemingway-wannabe or bibliophile in your life, so without further ado, I present […]

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Dining Room Delights

Holy crap, guys, it is almost my birthday! It really snuck up on me this year, which is strange. Usually, I am like, “Bryan, did you know there are 76.5 days until my birthday?!” Feel free to leave me lots of nice birthday comments on Friday, and I don’t mind gifts. 😉 Speaking of, there […]

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(Healthy) Snacks Boost Your Productivity

A lot of time productivity has less to do with setting up systems and routines, using technology or a certain kind of inbox, etc – and a lot more to do with willpower. Now that’s not to say, “oh clearly you’re just being lazy.” That’s not what prevents people from doing things, usually. There’s something about willpower […]

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Vegan Challenge: Completed

As of 12:01 AM on Sunday morning, I am officially finished the 7 day vegan challenge! How was it? Well. It was a LOT easier than I had anticipated. It was also harder, if that makes any sense. Harder I expected the challenge to be hard. Going seven days without milk, eggs, or cheese?! It […]

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101 in 1001 – 7 Day Vegan Challenge

Click to Expand. Infographic by Bryan and I have been vegetarians for a year now, for a whole host of reasons, including environmental, health, and animal safety concerns, and more besides. A great resource on the topic is Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron Foer. I thought that giving up meat was going to be really difficult, but […]

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Delicious Quinoa Vegetarian Burgers – What’s For Dinner Wednesday


I‘m a big fan of all kinds of different veggie burgers. In my head I’m constantly compiling a list of favourite ones whenever Jessica and I go out for food and I decide to try a new one. Some made with soy, some with lentils. I’ve never had one made with beet before, but there’s […]

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School’s Out For ..Ever – Should you go to Photo School?

all the peeps from photo school

My time as a student has finally come to a close. A core part of my identity, gone at the end of a meandering week consisting of a couple lingering assignments. And it was this anticlimactic thing.There was no specific moment where I said, “Yes, I’m done.” This is the way the world ends. Not […]

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