Visual Puns – a new photo series and the importance of long-term personal projects

Edmonton Calgary-Photography-Retoucher-Thesis-Composites-004

Last saturday was a big night for me. My photo class presented our Thesis projects to a full-house at the NAIT Shaw Theatre (Thesis being a semester long personal project where we selected our own theme and produced at least 15 images corresponding to it). My final presentation can be found below, and the high […]

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One Week to Go

It’s just over one week until my departure for Ireland. There are so many emotions roiling inside of me right now, I couldn’t name them all if you asked me to. In general, though, I alternate between nearly peeing my pants with excitement and wanting to puke with nervousness. I keep thinking, “I have no […]

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How Not to Be a Pain in the Ass at the Movies

© DeviantART artist ~heylookitskira

We have been to a lot of movies lately. In the last week we have seen Les Miserables, This is 40, The Hobbit, and The Rise of the Guardians. It was interesting that The Rise of the Guardians theatre was chock full of little kids, and it was probably the best behaved theatre we have […]

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2013: The Year of Redesign


A Road Map. Along the same vein as Jessica’s Post – 2013: The Year of Action Here’s a wallpaper I found long ago, but I started to reuse again. Click through for a 1440×900 resolution version Relationships I’m resolving to cultivate new relationships and network with people in 2013. I want to use social media to […]

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2013: The Year of Action


Well, it’s January 1. Happy 2013! We made it, apocalyptic predictions be damned. While I don’t go in for resolutions, and we can never know exactly what is in store for us, I do believe that setting goals is a good way to set the tone for the year. It’s nice to have a bit […]

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Feliz Navidad

In front of the twee!

There will be no blog posts until the new year. We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season with lots of love and good memories, whatever you are celebrating!

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The Apartment Sale


Hey Edmonton peeps! – we’re having an apartment sale! No, we’re not selling our apartment. We’re selling a bunch of really great things. Please check out the page linked here for more information and a full listing of the items. There’s a computer monitor, antique cameras, frames just to name a few.

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Warming Up My Cold Feet

The last few days, I’ve been experiencing an intense bout of cold feet whenever I think about Ireland. It’s amazing how many excuses my brain can come up with. I’ve never travelled before. How will I manage on my own? I won’t see friends or family or Bryan for six months. I’ll go crazy. I’ll […]

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Keepin’ it Real

I should be elated with life right now. I know that I should. I have a lot to be grateful for. I wake up every morning with a roof over my head and food in my fridge – usually – and I go to work and I only have to battle the elements between my […]

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I spend a lot of time hiding myself. Constructing a persona that will be pleasing to as many people as possible. That will convince those who love me that I don’t have any dangerous opinions or original thoughts. I censor myself. I spend tons of time wondering if I would be better off acting differently, […]

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