Side Projects: Poetry and Photography Challenges

I have been working on writing a novel, and, as is usually the case with large projects, I am finding my confidence and motivation flagging. (That happens to other people, too, right, not just me? Right?) So I sat down to brainstorm some side projects that I could do to help me continue feeling inspired […]

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Photo Tips: Creating Your Personalized Workflow

There are lots of books and articles out there on workflow (or digital asset management as it can sometimes be called). Most often, they’re giving you a recipe for a workflow that you might adopt. This is all well and good, but that workflow may not work as well for you as it did for […]

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Professional Photographer: Business or love? Or Both.


I consider myself a professional photographer. Having received a formal photo education, but seeing many other students turn away from being a professional has made me think long and hard trying to figure out what might be a decisive difference between the”professional” and “amateur/hobbyist” categories of photographers. Is it just the individual’s perception? Is it […]

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School’s Out For ..Ever – Should you go to Photo School?

all the peeps from photo school

My time as a student has finally come to a close. A core part of my identity, gone at the end of a meandering week consisting of a couple lingering assignments. And it was this anticlimactic thing.There was no specific moment where I said, “Yes, I’m done.” This is the way the world ends. Not […]

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A Love Letter to Cork

When I visited Montréal six years ago, I was immediately struck by a feeling of belonging. I set foot in that city and felt like it embraced me. It was the first city I ever fell in love with. Cork is the second. Cork is beautiful, bursting with colorful buildings and friendly people, my two […]

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Become a Wealthy Photographer in Two Simple Steps.


People often go into a business for the wrong reasons. Maybe they come into a large sum of money they can invest, and they’ve always wanted to get out of their 9-5 job with a boss. So start a business. Whatever, doesn’t matter as long as they are free to be their own boss, right? […]

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Climbing the Cliffs of Moher

Last week, I checked off the first of my must-sees in Ireland: the Cliffs of Moher. I had seen many epic pictures of these incredible cliffs, and knew I had to see them for myself. So the first day tour that I booked, I chose the Cliffs of Moher one with Paddywagon Tours. It is […]

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Visual Puns – a new photo series and the importance of long-term personal projects

Edmonton Calgary-Photography-Retoucher-Thesis-Composites-004

Last saturday was a big night for me. My photo class presented our Thesis projects to a full-house at the NAIT Shaw Theatre (Thesis being a semester long personal project where we selected our own theme and produced at least 15 images corresponding to it). My final presentation can be found below, and the high […]

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One Week to Go

It’s just over one week until my departure for Ireland. There are so many emotions roiling inside of me right now, I couldn’t name them all if you asked me to. In general, though, I alternate between nearly peeing my pants with excitement and wanting to puke with nervousness. I keep thinking, “I have no […]

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Organizing your Lightroom Catalogs for External Harddrives


Going to photo school involves a lot of post-processing work. The biggest issue of all is jumping from my computer at home to the computer at school and trying pick up from where I left off and staying organized. Lightroom makes things really easy if you know just a few little things about how the […]

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