deviantART: A Case Study on the Power of Community & Announcement

Do you like how I made it sound all official? FIRST OF ALL, we have an announcement! I am very excited about it. We are going to be starting a new series on the blog, called Creative Conversations, in which we – you guessed it – have conversations with creative people. We will start off […]

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Creative Challenge #3 Response

Happy Monday, everyone! How was the weekend? Ours was busy (grad party, moving, etc) but very good. So here we are, with our responses for last week’s creative challenge all ready to go. If anyone needs a refresher, the challenge was to draw inspiration from an object within 10 feet of you at the time […]

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Bang Your Head | Creative Challenge

Partially in honor of "Ted" Coming out this week in theaters. © Bryan Cooper 2012

Please don’t hit your head on your desk in frustration. We all know creative blockage is tough, but there’s a different kind of head banging that can help. This week’s challenge involves music.

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Shattering Writer’s Block

Every creative person, at some point or another, has experienced a creative block. That horrible sensation of avoiding the thing you love, of fearing the blank page (or canvas or whatever medium you use), of being absolutely sure that you will never produce anything of value ever again. It’s terrifying! I find that the key […]

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Neil Gaiman Address to University of the Arts Class of 2012


Neil Gaiman drops some major wisdom. “Secret freelance knowledge” revealed. Say what you will about the American education system, they sure know how to get killer commencement speeches. I don’t think he has to pretend to be a wise person anymore. “We’re in a transitional world right now, if you’re in any kind of artistic […]

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Creative Challenge #2 Response

"You're my kite string" drawn on an iPad by Jessica in Paper (by FiftyThree)

Creative Challenge Responses! Last week we set forth to expand our perspectives a bit by trying out a different form of art than what we typically do. Jessica was more brave than I and completely branched out from her literal roots into the visual. Jessica recently received an iPad for her grad and has been […]

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10ft. or less | Creative Challenge


For this week’s creative challenge we will be testing our (and your) ingenuity, and the ability to see inspiration in the typically mundane. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to stop and take a look around you. You must create something based on things within a 10 ft. radius of your current […]

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Slave to the Process

I thought my graduation post would be ready for today, but that was an absurd pipe dream, so it will be up sometime next week. My birthday was yesterday, and we went out with a few of my closest friends for food and drinks at Brewster’s. It was a great time, and also accounts for […]

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You Men and Your Sales – Realizing I Knew What I Wanted All Along

This is post was brought on mostly from watching Mad Men and it triggering a connection in my life that I never realized was so direct. Back before I was going to school for photography, back before I was in the sciences, I had the notion in my head that I would fit well in […]

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Different Strokes | Creative Challenge

Aaand right on in to the creative challenge for this week! Last week it was drawing inspiration from three words, but this week, we want you to experiment with different forms. If you’re a writer and you usually write poetry, try a short screenplay. If you’re a photographer and you usually go digital, try film, […]

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