Creative Challenge: Stealing from the Greats

The First Line

Well. Stealing inspiration, anyway. And a first line! The challenge this week is to take the first line of a book (a book you love, a book you hate, a book you’ve never read) and use it as your own first line. Write any kind of piece you want. Remember to cite the source of […]

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I just recently finished reading The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno. (It is a book, but that is his blog devoted to it). It is an interesting idea, the concept of getting rid of all but 100 items in an attempt to break the bonds of consumerism. I have had an urge to live a simpler […]

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The Healthy, Happy Artist

I truly believe that in order to function at the top of your creative game, it is very important to be happy and healthy. I have often said, “Well, my writing is so much better when I’m depressed.” But frankly, that’s crap, and for several reasons. For one thing, my writing when I’m depressed is […]

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Body Talk

“Oh my God, you look so skinny. Is there any better compliment than that?” I stare at my companion, the words “I can think of several” perched on my lips. But I don’t say them. There are better compliments, yes, but saying it implies that I don’t crave that one, that elusive “you look SO good” […]

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Creative Challenge #6 response

Wow, so we’ve been slacking a bit here! Sorry about that, folks. If you recall, last week’s creative challenge was themed abstract or surreal. Bryan took a pretty cool picture, I think! Here it is: I love how it could be snow, or bubbles, or some weird foam thing, or maybe even a strange bacteria […]

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