Jumping the First Hurdle

I stressed and stressed and stressed for weeks about our wedding. Before we were even engaged, I stressed about it, in an amorphous and theoretical sort of way. What were we going to do? How were we going to merge and honor our humongous families while staying true to ourselves? How were we going to […]

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Inspiration Station: November 8

I’m Still Here: Back Online After a Year Without the Internet A fascinating read about one man’s year of living offline. A Love Letter to My Body A beautiful letter that serves as a gentle reminder that we all need to be a little bit more forgiving and a lot more loving towards our own […]

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Taking the Leap: Cliff Jumping

I am a very anxious person. Lucky for me, it tends to tag along with my depression. As a result, I spend a lot of time fretting over scenarios that will never come to pass. Fortunately, my anxiety isn’t such that it holds me back much, but there are times when I really feel the […]

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A Year Without Junk Food

Summer is a paradoxical time: on the one hand, there is all the “bikini body” bullshit, and on the other, there is a lot of opportunity for drinking a lot of beer and eating a lot of not-so-great-for-you food such as ice cream. I have always had a problem with moderation. I don’t know if […]

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Feliz Navidad

In front of the twee!

There will be no blog posts until the new year. We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season with lots of love and good memories, whatever you are celebrating!

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Weekly Love-In


Jessica Clumsy Thor There are many things that I am loving this week, but I think the one that takes the cake is definitely Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. We all know I hero-worship Joss Whedon (actually, it’s probably closer to worship worship). We got our copy of The Avengers on DVD last Wednesday and I’ve […]

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Jessica Community. I love this show. Bryan and I watched the first two seasons in about 9 days, and constantly rewatch episodes on Netflix. With its cast of loveable outcasts who make me feel delightfully normal and somehow oddly bereft, fabulous wordplay, and hilarious gags, nothing quite makes me feel as good as Community. I’m […]

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We’re Loving…

Jessica The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. My mom got this book for her birthday and raced her way through it so she could get it to me over the Thanksgiving long weekend. I started it a day or two ago – with a bit of trepidation. JKR is one of my favorite writers. I […]

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Lawless – a movie review.

It’s prohibition era – people are dying in the streets of Chicago from all the gang violence incited over bootlegging…. while in Virginia people are making that ‘white lightning’ moonshine by the gallon. What happens when those ruthless, greedy mobsters from Chicago come knocking on doors in ‘the wettest county in the world’? They started […]

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This Mortal Coil | Creative Challenge

A quickie this week. We’re going to toss a theme out there, and you get to run with it. This is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. That I struggle with constantly. I know I’m not the only one. Maybe you can take some of your own existential angst and turn it […]

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