Photo Credit: Thomas O’Hara

Hello, and welcome to our humble internet abode!

We are Bryan and Jessica, a young Canadian couple with a passion for the creative and a desire to carve out a fulfilling, inspiring, fully-engaged life for ourselves. We thought we would invite you along for the ride, in the hopes that some inspirational osmosis would occur: you to us, us to you, hell, even you to someone else. Let’s just get some inspiration flowing!


I’m a writing, feministing, wanderlusting, soul-searching, small town/big city vegetarian with big dreams of travelling the world and becoming a teacher one day. Seeing my name in print would be nice, too. :) I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, thunderstorms, celebrity gossip, and public libraries. Joss Whedon and JK Rowling are my heroes. I can never seem to make up my mind about anything, but I always end up somewhere interesting anyway. I hope to get about 6 more degrees before I’m done with school. Life is hard, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth it.


Photography is part art, science, and magic. I think I’m a photographer because I’m an Artist, a Scientist, and a Magician (metaphorically speaking). I believe that creativity can change the world, science is beautiful, and magic.. is the glue that holds it all together. I part-own a photo company called Cooper & O’Hara, where I get to work with my best friend and create interesting images.. I like cooking, graphic novels, random facts, and chalkboards. Oh, and primates. My favourite comic book character is Scott Pilgrim, and I wish I was more like Nikola Tesla.

  • Jean Lowe

    Came across your comments Jessica on “So Many Places” and was intrigued by your blog comment but I can’t recall it at the moment so I clicked onto your site and was now intrigued by the two of you. I am far ahead of this game of life than you two which I am okay with as I have seen so many changes from the 50’s to the present change so drastically. People are afraid of growing old but it is fascinating to me. And you two are still so young with so much ahead of you and possibilities are endless. I say don’t wait until you get there as you never do. You never become – you just are – every day. And sometimes you just have to let go of how a goal should become and let “whatever” take over and lead you the way. “Whatever will be will be”. I am Canadian/American. Born in Edmonton and grew up in Vancouver. And I am still living each day – some days not so happy but then I sometimes follow my thoughts on what comes out silently as to why I am unhappy that day. Life is a school to learn and have experiences. I am glad I found your interesting blog. More later……..