Things That Are Awesome


  1. Friendsmas. We went over to a good friend’s house on Friday evening for a potluck turkey dinner (we obviously skipped the turkey part, but there was so much other food, we didn’t even notice) and games. It was a blast, and I hope to make it a jolly holiday tradition.
  2. Getting Christmas cards. We have such sweet, talented family and friends, and it was thrilling to open three cards the other day. One was delightfully homemade and artistic, another was accompanied by homemade biscotti, and another included photos of my cousin’s completely adorable munchkins. Boom. Need I explain again why Christmas is my favorite time of year?
  3. Friday Night Lights. So incredibly late to this party (it has been off the air for two years already) but OH MY GOD, this show. I don’t think it’s possible for me to love it more. I might start sleeping with it under my pillow.
  4. Finding a whole bunch of new and wonderful blogs to read (Lauren McGlynn Photography, Peonies and Polaroids, Another Damn Life).
  5. Finally putting into motion my freelance side project that has had me deep-in-my-bones terrified for literally years, and finding that it’s really not as scary as all of that. Hard, yes, but not so scary.

What awesome things are happening in your life lately?

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