It is really easy to forget to take care of yourself. I do it all the time. Things get busy, or exhausting, or both, and then all of the things that are meant to make that easier to deal with go right out of the window.

I am so bad for this. As soon as life gets a little crazy, I flop on the couch, flip on the TV, and let it all go, saying, “But I’m too tired to go to yoga/write anything/speak to you.”

No no no no no.

This is all wrong.

We all know this is wrong, right? That this leads to continual decreases in motivation and mental well-being, in overall health and wellness, in the general enjoyment of life.

These are the times when it is absolutely the most important to push through and force yourself to do those things that seem so damn overwhelming and impossible. These are the times when you have to haul your ass off the couch and do some yoga on your living room floor if it seems like too much time and effort to get to the studio (seriously, when I go to classes, it takes a two hour chunk out of my evening, and that is with a studio just six blocks away!). You have to park your butt in your desk chair and say, “I am going to write for twenty minutes even if it’s the most painful thing that I have ever done.”

You can’t let yourself make excuses when you are feeling exhausted and worn down and like the only thing that could possibly make you feel better is a veg fest on the couch. If you really need it, by all means, go hard! There are definitely some evenings when I am actually taking care of myself by sitting on the couch and watching six straight episodes of Supernatural.

But not usually.

Most of the time, it is in my own best interests to do those things that seem so hard. I don’t let myself sit down on the couch when I get home until I have accomplished some other things. I recruit Bryan to do a workout with me so it’s more fun. I start working on a fun writing project before diving into something that is a bit weightier.

And I cut myself some slack when things just aren’t jiving and I am too tired to get anything done.

How do you make sure you take care of yourself?

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