Christmas Time


It’s officially December which means it is now socially acceptable to talk about Christmas. It’s a big deal around our house. We both love it with a near unhealthy intensity. (We put up our tree more than two weeks ago!)

These are some of the memories that come to mind when I think about this holiday:

  • A tree all aglow in our dimly lit family room, the lights reflecting in the big picture windows.
  • Turning on the lights as soon as I got home from school, the excited contentment growing in my chest as the day grew darker and the lights grew brighter.
  • Decorating the tree with my mom, dancing around to Donny Osmond and Anne Murray Christmas albums, eggnogs in hand, snow drifting down outside like a promise.
  • The year Bryan and I bought our own tree and decorated it while listening to indie rock Christmas carols.
  • The eager anticipation of Christmas Eve that’s so intense I still don’t sleep more than a few hours, even now that I’m in my 20s.
  • The spirited scavenger hunts my grandparents put together, with elaborate clues and increasingly absurd hiding places. Like the year we all had money hidden inside apparently uncracked nuts.
  • Baking trays upon trays of Christmas goodies with my mom. Eating more dough than we baked. Fresh made buttertarts and the smell of warm sugar cookies.
  • The loud chaos of either side of my family all gathered together.
  • The glow of candles in the dark and the haunting sound of solemn carols being sung at the last Christmas Eve mass I went to.
  • The first year that Bryan spent Christmas with my family, and we smiled at each other over mugs full of coffee and Bailey’s as gifts were torn open all around us, and I knew that we were truly a family.
  • The year Bryan made my mom cry with his Christmas card.
  • The year my brother and I heard footsteps on the roof and were convinced it was Santa Claus.
  • Warm quiche from the oven, my favorite.

All of these memories and many more sit nestled in my chest, and carry forward every year as I think about Christmas; all the ones I’ve had and all the ones to come.

How could it not be my favorite time of year?

Happy commencement of the holiday season, friends. <3

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