Art is a Lifestyle

Part of my miserable routine was being too exhausted to work on any of my creative projects. I got into the habit of thinking of my art as something that needed to be squeezed into my life, forced into the grooves where the rest of my responsibilities allowed.

But it’s not.

I was talking to my friend Malissa and in the course of our conversation, she said to me, “Art is a lifestyle.” It wasn’t supposed to be a deep and profound proclamation or anything, but it really stuck with me, ringing in my head like a bell.

My art is the way I live my life: reading a book as I eat my breakfast (and lunch, and sometimes dinner!); scribbling sentences in my ever-present journal between customers at work; choosing to participate in NaNoWriMo.

My art doesn’t need to be squished into my life. It is my life. It is the choices I make with my time every day. Even when I’m not creating something new, even when I’m suffering a creative block, still my art is there, in the books on my bookshelf and the journals that I filled.

Much like happiness, art is a way of living, not a destination.

How do you live your art?

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Jessica can most often be found with her nose in a book, or writing her newest short story/screenplay/novel, but she also has a passion for travel, child-care & development, psychology, feminism (and other forms of equality), and making the world a better place in general. Email Me