The Seasons, They Are A-Changin’

Most of Alberta was slammed with snow this weekend. Winter arrived with a bang: HELLO, I AM HERE. And just like that, fall was over.

I have a hard time living in the present. I’m impatient, I’m a worrier, I want to know what’s going to happen next, and preferably control it (but that’s another story). I want to plan everything, and watch out if it doesn’t go according to said plan.

So, yah, revelling in the here and now is tough for me.

But it hit me the other day: we will never be in this season of our lives again. One day, we will look back and say, “Remember when?”

It hit me like a punch.

These days will not last forever and I am squandering them by perpetually looking to the future.

I will never be 24, terribly in love, and learning my way around this new life in Calgary again.

Then I found Ashlee’s post on appreciating the season, and I wanted to cry. She knew what I was (am) feeling. She knew.

And so:

This is the season for just me and Bryan.

For hitting the snooze button four times and still being cranky about having to get out of bed.

For impromptu road trips to Banff and Fernie, for travel and adventure.

For navigating my way around the first blush of my love for Calgary.

For browsing antique stores for hours and hours, getting lost amidst the multitudes of weird and wonderful things.

For not knowing where I’m headed, not having a career path, not knowing which fork in the road to take. And being okay with that.

For beers and going out to dinner, getting tattoos and finding myself. Collecting experiences like receipts and keeping them in my back pocket.

For being young, confused and free.


Here’s to appreciating the season.

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