Four Simple Goals

Long months of not taking care of myself are starting to catch up with me.

I am in turmoil. Ambivalent and discontent.

Evenings of coming home and collapsing on the couch for three straight hours, staring at the TV like a zombie before shuffling off to bed somehow weren’t filling me up.

I’ve felt lazy, anxious, uninspired. I’ve questioned my creativity, my talents, every decision I’ve made lately. I’ve wondered why I’m living someone else’s life.

There are some big changes coming. Some things are about to give.

But for right now, I’m taking on the challenge set out the other day by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess: 4 Simple Goals for the rest of the year, to remind me to take care of myself, keep me sane, and reignite that spark.


I am going to blog about the journey and have a post at the end of the year when they have been completed.

What are your four simple goals?

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