101 in 1001 – 6 Month Update

As of September 1, I have been working on my 101 in 1001 goals list (inspired by Sarah at The Chronicles of S) for a whole 6 months! In looking back, I have accomplished a lot, and I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the progress that I have made. Feel free to share your lists and success (or failure) stories in the comments.

In the past 6 months, I’ve completed 14.5 goals and have 18 in progress. That’s not too shabby, hey?

Complete Mud Hero

On August 10, my friend Bri and I ran in the Mud Hero race in Red Deer. 6 km of obstacles on a ski hill. Yup, A SKI HILL. We went down the black diamond run and had to climb back up. Dude, my backside was killing me for DAYS afterwards. But it was so worth it. The course took me longer than expected (1 hour and 21 minutes) but it wasn’t a bad time at all, and I felt like a fitness goddess when we crossed that finish line! I definitely plan on doing it again next year, and participating in more organized events. I’m thinking a half-marathon next spring/summer!

Wear a bikini in public.

Like most people I know (especially the ladies) I have suffered with body issues since I was a tween. I love bikinis but have never had the courage to wear one in public, always being too preoccupied with how my belly and thighs look or whatever. I decided to put that bullshit aside and wear a bikini when we went to the waterpark at WEM for my sister’s birthday. I especially liked the idea of modeling positive body image for my sisters. And it was fine! I felt great and no one pointed and laughed at me or anything. Because get this…mostly, people don’t care. And I was so proud of myself for putting aside those issues and just enjoying my cute suit and the fun day on the slides.

Make 3 new friends.

Ever since I became alum in my sorority, I have found it increasingly difficult to make friends. It’s like, without a group of 60 girls handed to me on a platter, I’ve forgotten how to talk to people! So one of my goals was to make 3 new friends…and I managed it. I’m really proud of this one because it required me to step out of my comfort zone and talk to people, and it has really paid off. I even made friends on my trip before I left Ireland (hi, Elizabeth! Hi, Nina!). This one was definitely worth it; I’m no longer the social leper that I thought I was. 😉

Try 10 new foods.

Ever since I was little, I have been a supremely picky eater. I have gotten a lot better in recent years, but still shied away from trying too many new things. I loved doing this goal, because it meant that I just started popping stuff in my mouth without thinking, “Ugh am I going to like this?” That wasn’t the point! The point was to try new things. And I found that there were things that I had never thought of trying that I love, such as curry, figs, and starfruit. If you’re a picky eater, I highly recommend making a goal like this. Now, I look at unidentified foods on my plate and think, “Hmm, what’s this?” before popping it in my mouth instead of leaving it lonely and uneaten on my plate.

Start a meditation practice.

I have talked about this one on the blog. I find meditation extremely beneficial, and to be honest, while I established a practice for a while there, I fell off the wagon. I am slowly getting back on it, though, and hope to have re-established a practice in a week or two. Because this is one of those things where I really do see the difference when I stop doing it.

Coming Up:

Like I mentioned before, I have 18 goals in progress right now, and plans to tackle others. These are the ones that are in the batter’s box:

  • Read the complete works of Shakespeare – There are 3 Shakespeare plays on my fall reading list.
  • Complete a No Spend Month – I chose September as my no spend month and so far am doing really well. The idea is to only spend money on the necessities: bills, groceries, etc. I haven’t spent a dollar on anything that wasn’t necessary, which has been really helpful because I don’t have much money at the moment, still being unemployed. Ha.
  • Volunteer at a crisis center/hotline – As we speak, I am getting my application ready for the local distress centre. I am nervous as hell, but I think it will be so so worth it!
  • Start or join a writer’s group – A friend and I are getting together tomorrow night to discuss starting our own writing group! I’m super excited, and can’t wait to see this one come together.
  • Establish a skin care routine – I am researching different skin care routines and I am going to keep a little notebook with notes on how they work for me, so that I can choose one that works the best. Pretty excited for this one – my skin has been mad as hell lately, and getting it somewhat under control would be fabulous.

Now! Please comment with the goals that you are working on, 101 in 1001 or otherwise. :)

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