Side Projects: Poetry and Photography Challenges

I have been working on writing a novel, and, as is usually the case with large projects, I am finding my confidence and motivation flagging. (That happens to other people, too, right, not just me? Right?) So I sat down to brainstorm some side projects that I could do to help me continue feeling inspired and creative, which will hopefully give me the energy to push through this tough spot with my novel. I had many ideas that I really liked, including trying to write a song and doing some drawing projects, but the two that really struck me were the ideas for poetry and photography challenges.

Now I realize that these are not ground-breaking ideas. But I am really excited for them, and thought I would share them with you. I am not setting a time limit at all, I am simply going to work through them at my own pace, and I invite you to do the same.

Photography Challenge

I have a lot of fun experimenting with photography and learning tricks of the trade from Bryan, and one of my other side projects is to learn how to use Lightroom. I am thinking that I will post photos here as I take and edit them.

  1. words
  2. self-portrait
  3. couple
  4. animal
  5. water
  6. natural light – taken with my Samsung Galaxy – unedited20131130_142418
  7. modern
  8. adventure
  9. architecture
  10. fashion
  11. blur
  12. yellow
  13. weather photo (28)
  14. lines
  15. children
  16. work
  17. play
  18. heavy
  19. soft
  20. macro
  21. metal
  22. mirror
  23. hot
  24. cold
  25. food
  26. hands
  27. signs
  28. shadow
  29. artificial
  30. chaos

Poetry challenge

I used the NaPoWriMo 2013 prompts as inspiration  – I will be posting each of these pieces to my deviantART account and linking to them here.

  1. Take a short poem and rewrite it to mean the opposite.
  2. Write a poem with at least 5 words in other languages.
  3. Pick a color and use it as an inspiration guide.Mistress Plum
  4. Use a proverb, axiom, etc, as a jumping off point.
  5. Perform an erasure
  6. Write a ballad
  7. Write a self-portrait piece
  8. Write a triolet
  9. Use Earth Day as inspiration
  10. Re-write Frank O’Hara’s Lines for the Fortune Cookies
  11. Use these 5 words: owl, abscond, willowy, mercurial, elusive
  12. Poem in the form of a personal ad
  13. Begins and ends with the same word
  14. Poem of greeting
  15. “Translation” of a poem in a language you don’t know
  16. Write a pantun
  17. From the perspective of a superhero/villain
  18. Take a walk for inspiration
  19. Write what you’d like to say but never would
  20. Tanka
  21. Un-love poem
  22. Noir
  23. Ottava rima
  24. Each line is a single declarative sentence except the last which is a question
  25. Valediction (poem of farewell)
  26. Cinquain
  27. Inspired by an Iain M Banks spaceship name
  28. Sea chanty
  29. Poem that tells a lie
  30. Same first line as another poem

Feel free to join in and post your work in the comments! I’d love to see it. :)

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