Horror Movie-Fest Recommendations.


If you’re looking to take in some horror movies this halloween and you’re wanting something more than the typical Friday the 13th fare, well look no further. I’ve compiled a short list of less than common titles that will give you a variety of scares.

The Strangers – The Creepy One

I’m a big fan of the slow-build kind of creepiness and fear that a horror movie can bring. Tons of gore and/or pop-out spooks is for chumps. Give me eerie goosebumps anytime.

Zombie Land The ComedySlashAdventureSlashHorror

This movie is for those that want to feel some of the halloween spirit, but aren’t keen on the big scares. There’s a fair amount of goriness in this, but mostly over-the-top zombie guts. Self-aware camp ftw.

Ginger Snaps – The one that’s a metaphor for puberty

I just rewatched this with Jessica for our own horror movie marathon. It’s an entertaining movie that’s well rounded with moments of humor (dark and light). The female werewolf tale is pretty much never covered in movies but this film takes the chance to actually make a statement in a very eloquent and subtle way. There’s a lot of feminist undertones, where the teenage protagonists Bridgette and Ginger are obsessed with sex and not being like all the “sluts” they go to school with. Strong statement about society and the “bitch” in-fighting between females that can alienate young girls. A lot of stuff I caught on this re-viewing, made things even more interesting.

The movie’s also Canadian made. Woot!

Session 9 – The One about Madness

This one will sneak up on you and really get inside your head. What is insanity? There’s a fine line between insanity and the paranormal, which one will be breached? The plot focuses on the growing tension within an asbestos removal crew working at an abandoned mental asylum, which is paralleled by the gradual revelation of a former patient’s disturbed past through recorded audio tapes of the patient’s hypnotherapy sessions.

I wish I could say more about a premise for this movie, but the trailer should give you enough of a sense to watch it, but know that it’s not all that it appears as well. Chilling and brilliant. This is one of the best horror movies that no one’s ever heard of. It’s especially nice when a horror movie expects a little bit more than mush for brains from its audience.

Condemned insane asylums are the creepiest.

fyi, Danvers is real.

Trick r’ Treat – the one about halloween

Partially an anthology, but more or less a brilliantly spun series of tales that all lead back to one another. 4 different stories that all surround traditions and myths with halloween. Lots of twists and unconventional things happening as well. One of my newest favourites. This one’ll make you ready for giving out candy to the little monsters at your door.

Urban Legends – The Campy One

I’m a big fan of urban legends. I think this movie is a classic example of 90’s horror movie camp, with a little taste of the self-awareness that became so popular in that era to the point that it is today. Basically the premise is that a serial killer is going after everyone at this college, offing them using various Urban Legends. If you’re a fan of Smallville, you should probably just see this so you can witness Lex Luthor with actual hair. It’s odd. You also get to see the likes of Tara Reid, Joshua Jackson, Jared Leto – and Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) makes a nice cameo, too!


Satan’s Little Helper – The weird, low budget one about de-sensitization, video-game violence, and absent parenting.

Long titles of sub-genres aside, this movie is an interesting look at horror and what reality and entertainment blending can do. Sometimes it’s like a car crash and we just can’t look away. In a lot of ways watching this movie makes us complicit in the very thing it’s pointing at. And there’s the kicker.

“Upon meeting a strange masked man, nine-year-old Douglas Whooly lives out the fantasy of his favorite video game “Satan’s Little Helper.” The two embark on a hellish rampage through the small suburban community, but when the masked killer targets Dougie’s family, it may be too late to stop him.”

This is a very low budget movie, so go in expecting that and you shouldn’t have a problem.

The only trailer I could find was in spanish, even though the movie is in english.. Enjoy the telemundo voice overs.

Whatever movies you may or may not watch, have a happy Halloween, from your pals at Creative Dwelling
* maniacal laughter!*
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