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I just recently finished reading The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno. (It is a book, but that is his blog devoted to it). It is an interesting idea, the concept of getting rid of all but 100 items in an attempt to break the bonds of consumerism. I have had an urge to live a simpler life for quite some time now, an urge that is in line with my desire to travel the world and live in another country. When I move abroad, I won’t be bringing all of my crap with me. And if I don’t need it there, do I really need it here?

I have finally set a date for my grand move abroad, which is both exhilerating and terrifying. Before then, I need to get rid of a great deal of my stuff that I have been dragging around. And Bryan will need to do the same before he joins me. Things like the iMac, the car, most of my books and clothes, our bed, my rollerblades and ice skates, and the purses that I own but never use. Things that we are attached to for no special reason. I can’t remember the last time I ice skated. I use the same purse every day. We have laptops, and an iPad, smartphones, AND an iMac. That is a lot of technology that all does basically the same thing. It is a lot of doubling up.

Of course we need SOME stuff. While we are still living here, we need our bed. Bryan needs the iMac for editing his photos, and we need the car to get around. But there is a lot of stuff that we could be getting rid of now, which would help us declutter, live more simply, and prepare for our adventure abroad.

To that effect, we have set up a page on the blog devoted to the stuff that we are trying to get rid of. The item will be listed with its original price (or our best guess), as well as how much we are asking for it, and occasionally a picture. I have a ton of books, and there will not be a picture of each one. But for big stuff, there will be a picture. We don’t really want to be shipping stuff all over the place, but if you are in the Edmonton area (or are someone we know personally!) let us know if there is something you are interested in. And if you really want something but don’t live around here, feel free to send us an email at jandb at creative-dwelling dot com to see if we’d be willing to ship it to you.

Does anyone else have plans for living a simpler life less characterized by stuff and more by experience? Any plans to simply declutter? We’d love to hear about them!

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