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This is a bit misleading, because I haven’t really travelled very much at all. I’ve only left Canada twice: once to Mexico when I was 8 and once to Las Vegas when I turned 21. One of my deepest desires, however, is to see the world and I spend a lot of time planning future trips, and planning ways to make those trips a reality.

Saying that I have not travelled much is not to say that I’ve been nowhere. Though I was quite young when we went to Mexico, I have some very good memories of it (and bad ones, including a wicked ear infection that began on the plane ride there, resulting in a completely gigantic needle in the butt on our first night and having to take medication for the rest of the trip). But mostly I remember swimming in the ocean, playing in the pool, painting small ceramic animals a plethora of absurd colors and patterns that suggest I was on acid, walking along the beach in the dark, and trading our leftover chicken from dinner for a rug that is still in my parents’ basement.

And Las Vegas…hooboy. That trip was a dream. I went with my mother, who has been to Vegas more times than I can even remember, which means that she knew all the best places to go, and all the little tricks. Like that you can get all your drinks for a dollar so long as you sit down to play for a few minutes at a slot machine or other game. It was also a great opportunity for me to get to know my mother in a completely different atmosphere, which was extremely rewarding as well.

My mother and I, right before seeing Cirque du Soleil’s “O”

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we are planning on a big trip to Europe next year. We haven’t quite decided on our style of travel yet. We aren’t sure if we are going to try to hit as many countries as possible, or if we are going to go slower, spending 2-4 weeks in each country and exploring as much as possible before moving on. Either way, I’m having a heckuva good time perusing the interwebs for tips and secrets to making travel both sustainable and affordable.

A couple of my favorite blogs can be found in the blogroll on the right side of the site. They have been a constant source of information and inspiration, and it is because of people like C’est Christine and Adventurous Kate that I (we) have the courage to even contemplate living our travel dreams.

We have been talking a bit about long-term travel lately. You know, basically being nomads, travelling for big chunks of time (like years). I am not sure if that is the route for us, though. I think that I need to have a home that I can call my own to come back to. But we’ll see. You never know what the future holds, or which direction it will pull you in next! Perhaps we will end up traveling forever, who knows. :)

All I know is that I want to see as much of the world as possible. I want to see everything: Europe, both east and west; Russia; southeast Asia; south Africa, and maybe parts of north Africa too; Australia; New Zealand; South America. I want to go on a cross-country road trip of the USA. I want to see as much of my own country as possible as well! I have already been lucky enough to go to a few of the major places (Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Ottawa, St John’s) but there is always more, and I hope that we never lose sight of the fact that we are lucky to live in such an incredible and diverse country. You name it, and I (probably) want to go there!

The places that are currently topping my must see list are: Croatia, Greece, Prague, Rome, Australia, Jordan, Ireland, and Machu Picchu. But it changes almost every day!

Machu PIcchu in the early morning – picture from the Wikipedia Commons

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