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My last post on my favourites: Zombies and Mythology was indeed related to the blog. Both Jessica and I will be discussing movies, television and related media and I see myself as an expert in things Horror, Supernatural, and Mythological. Creative Dwelling is a place for us to discuss with you our thoughts on artistic medium and how they accomplish something more than just entertainment. This post will more directly reference a common topic we will talk about here: how we work to get things done on time, while still being our most creative, and how our work environments, both in technology and in the real world, can have an effect on us.

3. Creativity and Productivity Tools

Sometimes I think more about how I can be more creative than actually being more creative.

…or blog about task management

I constantly struggle with procrastination and distraction. Because of this, I’ve found various systems that I both enjoy using and that allow me to maintain some structure and get things done in a timely manner. Photography school is only just the beginning of my career and I know that I’m going to need to be extremely organized in order to run my own business and produce my best work, while hopefully still having time to build a  family life (social life is a maybe..).

One of the most important things I’ve taken away from my research into task management and creative productivity comes from The Action Method, which was made by Behance. They say that if something is designed well, and aesthetically pleasing, you are more inclined to use it.

I’ll talk more about the action method and similar systems and review applications and technology aids so that you can hopefully hear about something new or something that would work well for you that you hadn’t considered before but I wont get into those things now, since that will be the focus of future posts. Right now I’ll say I love technology and I am an Apple fanboy (while still keeping an open mind).

On my photography website I had a tribute post  to Steve Jobs shortly after his death. There you will find a video of his commencement speech given to Stanford graduates. Jobs’ understanding that technology would need to interface with people and become a natural and attractive way to do work is the number one reason why Apple is the powerhouse it is today, and is the way that I undertake to use technology in order to enhance my creativity and productivity.

4. Interior Design

I have always been attracted to unique and inspiring spaces. As a kid, I used to move my furniture around at least once a month, trying to make things new and refreshing, and better than the last iteration. Jessica and I have gotten more into design and DIY projects as our relationship has developed. We take most of our inspiration from blogs like Young House Love, who have managed to make their home beautiful and functional on a budget.

I also am an avid reader of high-end real estate photography blogs… and constantly have to wipe the drool off of my screen from the gorgeous homes that I see. One of my favourite photographers is San Francisco’s Scott Hargis. He’s a technical master at lighting interiors, and I hope to progress my craft to that level someday.

Out of all the spaces that I am interested in, probably my favourites are the workspace/office/study, since that’s where I am and will be spending most of my time. An excellent source that discusses technology fitting in spaces is Unplggd which has now been integrated into Apartment Therapy. Also Herman Miller, the furniture artisan, has a project called Lifework which blends the beautiful and the functional. I one day dream of owning a Herman Miller chair and desk.

Check out that sweet office “pron” Click image for link. Image via Apartment Therapy.

But, if you don’t have thousands of dollars lying around to spend on furniture, or you aren’t lucky enough to find a sweet deal on kijiji, Jessica and I will be sharing our adventures in making our home happy and creative on a student’s budget.

Our Favourite Things

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Bryan can most often be found taking photographs for his commercial studio Cooper & O'Hara, but he also has a passion for cooking, zoology, travel, science, entertainment, design, and creativity in general. Email Me